Contact Me

Hi, looking for a way to contact me? Well, look no further!

You can contact me through commenting on my blog. I receive all comments on my email, so I will know if you want to ask me about something. I also have an email specifically for this blog. It is This is for viewers, publishers, or authors who want to contact me. I just request you to not spam or send me anything weird, because I will remove the account if anything like that happens. No hard feelings, thank you.

(Leave a comment! - I drew this picture myself!)


  1. Hi Sunshine! Lets see if this works! It may be that blogger makes a commenter make a profile. Grant tried to leave another comment a couple of days ago and it didn't work. So lets see if this does!!
    (ps it is best to do it this way, and not through email.)

  2. I don't try to leave comments, I DO leave comments. Excellent blog. I'm going to recommend it to all my friends that read...both of them! Grant

  3. Hi P!
    Awesome blog! You are a great writer!!

    Lori B. (Big Sisters)

  4. I nominated you for a blog award! Check out how to get it!

  5. Sup Priya! Love your blog! It's a true passion for you! I am happy you are enjoying it! I am going to make one because you inspired me! :)
    Sincerely, your sister Willow(That's not my real name and you know that Sunshine!)

  6. Hey Sunshine! Are you on goodreads or do you use it for the summaries only? If you are on it, email me and I will friend you there. (I joined a while ago, but don't do much with it.) Love your blog, as always.

    1. Hey Mikey! Um, actually Leaf has been bugging me to make her an account on goodreads... so I did. Then I made myself one:) Don't know how to "friend" though.