Review Policy

I'm open to reviewing books, but I won't accept every book offered to me. I also write my reviews honestly and am still an amateur at reviews. (But I am working on it.)

What I will review: I am big into reading YA, romance, paranormal, supernatural, mystery, fantasy, chicklit... You get the idea. So, I will review those kind of books. I also like reading books in order, so if I get a book which is number two in a series, I will have to read the first book which may take some time. Depends how fast I am.

What I won't review: I will not review any adult books, or middle grade books, unless they are something like Percy Jackson and the Olympians. I also won't accept books that come in the form of e-readers.

Stuff to consider: If you contact me please include when you would like the book to be reviewed. And, I may not take every book offered. I also want to say, I am absolutely, one hundred percent honest in my reviews. I do not base them on other reviews or other's opinions.

If you want to contact me, just check out my Contact Me page!

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