Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Yeah, I know I haven't been on for along time,but it's the last month of school!!!! Finals, cleaning my locker, getting white hairs from too much studying and all that fun stuff that comes with the ending of a another year. I promise I will do a review soon, but I need to clarify something, first. Okay, so there is this Stats thing on my blog dashboard and there is a section where it shows the keywords that people type in to answer a question or something. So I was thinking if people are typing in questions they want to know, why not leave a question as a comment? I know, I sometimes don't explain the books in details, but if you have a question, just comment. I'm not gonna bite or anything, but seriously I probably can answer every question you have about a book I've read.

So do you have a question about a book? Leave a comment and I will respond in exactly 48 hours:)

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