Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Nominations for the Versatile Award

Here are the 15 nominations for the Versatile Award...
  1. No Holos! Frankens and Nail Art Blog: Amazing how she could fit so much detail into tiny nails.
  2. Sandstone and Amber: Like I said in the 7 random facts I love to travel.
  3. Between the Covers: A book blog! Awesome Reviews:)
  4. 365 Books A Year: Another book blog. You could see the blogger's personality through her writing.
  5. Turning the Pages: More books:)
  6. Bound 2 Astound: This blog has astounded me:)
  7. Auggie Talk: I love your name, Auggie:)
  8. Framed in Words: Her review on Firelight was really good.
  9. Book Overdose: Whoa, I book blogger all the way in the Philippines? Asian Pride:)
  10. City of Books: He had really cool interview with C.C. Hunter, check it out.
  11. Mayhem's Reviews: I don't know if Mayhem is her name or just the blog's name...
  12. Ivy Book Bindings: I love her background design. It's beautiful.
  13. 2 B Read: This is a blog made by not one, not two, but three bloggers... 
  14. OutRageous Pages: Will howl for a good book... funny:)
  15. Story Carnivores: For some reason I thought this blog would be about meat and I'm a vegetarian...
That was sooooo hard! It took me about three hours to find all these fabulous new bloggers. I am so tired. Most of these blogs are book blogs, since I love reading out of everything else. I hope everyone that checks out this post will give the nominated blogs a look, they really are awesome.

One last shout out to Ashley from Crafts Like A Teen, who nominated me for this award. Yay! Ashley is helping me make a Blog Header for my blog, so that should up soon.

Okay, that really wasn't my last shout out, this is. I will be going on trip, so I will be inactive for next 10 days.

Goodnight, Everyone out in the world!!!!! 



  1. Oh thanks! I started one header today, simple and cute! It's super hard to find that many new blogs isn't it.

    1. Thanks again for nominating me :)

      I'll have to get to all my awards sometime. I've been so busy lately.

      Brandi @ Bound 2 Astound