Wednesday, August 08, 2012

My Time in My "Coffin"

So as my viewers have noticed I haven't been doing anything on my blog. This is because I have been exhausted and I have become (metaphorically) a vampire. Mwahahahahahahahahaha! Just kidding. Only thing that gives any evidence that I may be a vamp is the dark half-moons under my eyes. And the messy nest that has appeared in my room. Not joking. it took me forever to clean it.

I also went on another trip to  Harrison Hot Springs. A beautiful place just three hours away from my homecity. RANDOM THOUGHT: Thinking about the opposite of vamps are werewolves. And it is pretty funny, my sisters and I were at my cousins house this last Monday and they have a big forest with a creek in their backyard. Late at night, one of my sisters yelled out, "I want to be a werewolf, " and then she howled. I told her to be quiet or coyotes were going to come. Sure enough, two minutes later we heard howls. It cracks me up, because imagine 12 year old female going hairy and howling at the full moon!
Totally imagining her like this. hahaha

Okay, anyways I have many things coming out on the blog. See the list below to see what they are:

  1. Happy August Post
  2. August Releases
  3. Review: Opposite of Tidy
  4. Review: The Host
  5. Review: Faeriewalker Series (3 books in one review)
  6. Review: Dark Frost
  7. Twilight Comparision Movie+Book (parody included)
  8. The Hunger Games Comparision Movie+Book
  9. Percy Jackson and Olympians Comparision Movie+Book
  10. The Sea of Monsters movie
Those are what I think of for now. The Comparision posts are something my big sis over at warpandwoofknitting has been telling me to do for awhile, because I have strong opinions on them.

OKAY, have a nice day everyone... wait one more thing. I have a addiction with Teen Wolf.

I, Just. Can't. Stop. Watching. I tell you, addicting.

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