Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Lightning Thief Comparision (Book-Movie)

Okay, so everyone knows that the first book in the Percy Jackson series was made into a book. And now they are making a second movie. Happy or Sad? I don't know which one to feel. Because I am a HUMONGOUS fan of those books and I felt like they totally butchered the first movie.

What was the point of the movie? To save Percy's mom, yes. But the whole adventure part was to get three pearls? Hello, if they had used their brains they might have realized that they needed four pearls. There were so many good, great parts in the book and they just totally cancelled it out in the movie. I mean where is the part where he jumps off the building, lands in water and talks to the water spirit? I really wanted to see that part in the movie. And what is wrong with Annabeth? Sure she's pretty, but what about the "real" Annabeth look? Remember gray eyes, blond, curly hair, teases Percy whenever he's around. Instead we end up with straight, brown hair, blue eyes and a look that looks like she rather skin Percy alive. Not once, did I hear her call Percy, Seaweed Brain!

    How did this become this...

Complete opposites!

The other actors were fine, but why are they so old? Annabeth should not be fully developed and Percy should not have a deep voice. In the book, they are 11 years old! So why give them actors who are 19-20?

They don't even wear their orange Camp Half-Blood t-shirts!! And where is the part where this is a small dingy camp for Demigods? Not some rich, expensive loft for young kids? I mean clearly they live in regular cabins with bunks. And Percy was supposed to be in the Hermes cabin, then figure out he is the son of Poseidon!

And can somebody tell me why Percy's shoes don't drag Grover to the edge of Tartarus? I thought that was the whole point of the series. Kronos is rising and that's Percy's first glimpse that something big is going to happen.

The last thing is where is the part where they sneak onto a truck full of animals and set them free? Whatever, I just pray to God, that the sequel will overcome this horribly butchered movie.

Speaking of the second movie... my friend saw the shooting of it!!! They were at this pool/park/forest area in Burnaby called Robert Burnaby pool/park and she just happened to wander by!! Logan Lerman was there acting ans so was Annabeth. And catch this... a think fans were pretty upset about Annabeth, because her hair is blonde!!! Yes! They had the whole set up at the park. My friend got some shots of it, I'll see if I can get some photos...

Okay, that's all for this post. Make sure to check my blog for the next book-movie Comparision I do... THE HUNGER GAMES


  1. Ohh sunshine? Have you dissapered from the face of the earth? :)

  2. Kind of:) Sorry som many things, so little time. I am gathering pics for the header. Should have told you earlier that I was going hibernation!